Violence In Action Dataset (VIAD)

The information on this page is confidential and intended only for viewing by VIPRE members and/or other authorised users.

The Violence in Action Dataset (VIAD) is an under-development database of qualitative ‘user-generated’ video material depicting real-world instances of war crimes including torture, the targeting of civilians, massacres, the mutilation of bodies, lynchings, and related material. The database is compiled from open source platforms of video material generated by perpetrators of these crimes, which is distributed online for various reasons. The material allows for the fine-grained (qualitative) analysis of the emotional, affective, group, organisational, material, environmental, and other dynamics that lead to the emergence of war crimes in particular settings. The data can also be analyzed quantitatively, and is coded on a multitude of variables including the emotional state of perpetrators, the events preceding the crimes, the number of perpetrators, the tools or technologies used in the abuse, and beyond. The dataset comprises over a thousand videos of war crimes, and is rapidly expanding as part of the VIPRE Initiative (see above). It provides a uniquely granular set of data on the ‘just-whatness’ or ‘quiddity’ of violences that have – historically – rarely been seen by social scientists up close. The dataset was designed and created by Jonathan Luke Austin.

VIAD is currently confidential but will be released publicly after an embargo period.