Grievable // Ungrievable

As part of its outreach activities VIPRE has produced a short dance film that aesthetically encapsulates the conceptual and empirical findings of the project. The development of the project began with the goal of translating the theoretical and practical basis of VIPRE into an artistic medium, drawing on the linkages between the bodily practice of dance and military activities across history. Deliberately ambiguous in aesthetic construction, the short film shows the psychological and affective difficulty of perpetrating violence in most cases and the ways in which the emergence in violence involves a social, cultural, and political ‘struggle’ situated within the fabric of world politics. The project was support by VIPRE and supervised and coordinated by VIPRE Lead Researcher Jonathan Luke Austin in collaboration with a group of MA student project leads and Geneva-based artistic practitioners. The short film can be viewed below and it will be exhibited in 2021 as part of a broader public dissemination of VIPRE’s work.


Project Supervisor and Coordination:
Jonathan Luke Austin

Artistic Director & Camera:
Benoit Ecoiffier

Student Project Leads:
Aline Wani, Maevia Griffiths and Massimiliano Masini

Dancer & Choreographer:
Alexane Poggi

Sound Designer:
Dorian Voos

Grievable // Ungrievable: Full Short
Grievable // Ungrievable Projection