VIPRE Board Expands

The VIPRE Initiative has the pleasure of announcing its significantly expanded scientific advisory board. At present, we have the privilege of being associated with the leading scholars listed below. Each possesses particular expertise of relevance to the VIPRE initiative, including: field defining work on the theory and method of critical approaches to IR and IPS (Huysmans), substantial contributions to security studies (Wæver), path-breaking use of sociological thought to bring forward central IR debates (Adler-Nissen), field-leading work on the use of ‘practice theory’ in combination with key empirical topics of relevance to IR (Bueger), work of great importance to expanding theoretical and empirical work on materiality and critical security studies within IR (Salter), and field-shifting work on practice theory within IR (Pouliot).

The members of the scientific advisory board will be regularly consulted for their advice, opinions, and critiques of the work of the Initiative. We will also draw them together in person at several VIPRE-hosted (writing) workshops.

Jef Huysmans Professor, Queen Mary University London.
Ole Wæver Professor, Copenhagen University
Rebecca Adler-Nissen Professor, Copenhagen University.
Christian Bueger
Reader, Cardiff University.
Mark Salter
Professor, University of Ottawa.
Vincent Pouliot Professor, McGill University

The Initiative is privileged to have such a renowned set of scholars affiliated with its work. Moving forward, the Initiative plans to expand its practitioner board substantially.