VIPRE at the International Studies Association

A few weeks ago, the Lead Researcher of the VIPRE Initiative – Jonathan Luke Austin – participated in several events at the annual International Studies Association conference in Baltimore. Austin presented several core papers relating to the VIPRE Initiative including one entitled Logics of Change-Making in World Politics that lays out the programmatic intellectual basis for the VIPRE Initiative. Beyond that presentation, Austin presented several papers relating to ‘critique’ and the connections between critical perspectives to the study of negative world political phenomena and their policy implementation. He also participated in a workshop on International Practice Theory in IR, led by Christian Bueger, Alena Drieschova, and Ted Hopf, which – with fellow VIPRE Initiative principal Anna Leander – will result in a published chapter in a forthcoming edited volume bringing together leading IR scholars working on the practice turn. For further details on that volume see here.